HRC Coupling



Usage/Application Industrial
Surface Treatment Phosphating
Material Iron
Size 150 Inch
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

HRC couplings consist of 2 cast-iron halves attached to shafts by means of either hub mount (H Flange) or face mount (F Flange) taper bushes.

Between these two halves is a rubber “spider” that serves as a shock absorber

HRC Couplings allow for a limited parallel misalignment (0.5mm) and axial misalignment (1.5mm).

Can be used on shafts with taper bushes to 90mm bore or shafts up to 130mm if bored through with keyway.

Permitting quick and easy installation by means of Taper Lock bushes, and offering quick alignment, the semi-elastic general purpose HRC coupling is ideal for use with electric motors.

  • Offers the simplest, most straightforward fitting available
  • Ease of alignment and fitting using straight edge and machined outside diameters
  • Fail-safe design due to interacting dog design
  • Accommodates incidental misalignment
  • Exceptional performance at low cost
  • Power ratings are matched to standard motor sizes
  • Standard and FRAS elements available
  • Flywheel fixing variant available
  • Pilot bore design also available

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