Curved Tooth Flexible Gear Couplings



Curved Tooth Flexible Gear Couplings are the result of many years of experience in the field of Mechanical Power Transmission. These Gear Couplings are distinguished by their mechanical flexibility and compensation of Angular, Parallel and Axial misalignments of the connected shafts. They are made for extensive use in Metal Rolling Mills, Paper Machinery, Cranes, Dredgers, Rubber and Plastic Industries, Cement Plants, Conveyors and Elevators, Compressors, Fans and Blowers,Screens and other general industries. Flexible Gear Couplings basically consist of two hubs, with crowned external teeth and two outer sleeves with internal spur teeth.

Gear Hubs and the outer sleeves are manufactured from carbon steel and are hardened to the required degree. They are machined to fine tolerances for proper meshing of the gears as well as for inter-changeability.

Crane Control Equipments make Flexible Geared Couplings offer positive and reliable power transmission and are suited for varied applications.

These Flexible Geared Couplings are incorporated for over coming the following types of misalignments in a Drive :
[a] PARALLEL OFFSET : Where the Axis of the connected Shafts are parallel but not within the same straight line.
[b] ANGULAR : Where the Axis of the connected Shafts intersect at the center of the Coupling.
[c] COMBINED ANGULAR : Where the offset Axis of the connected Shafts are neither parallel nor do they Intersect.

It is generally observed that even with the most exacting precision in the original installation, subsequent misalignment can rarely be avoided as over a period of time, foundations may settle, bearings ultimately wear and dimensions change with temperature.

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