The smallest chain complying to ANSI is 25 of 6.35 mm pitch. Having said that, in response on the demands for smaller sized chains in recent times for high engineering machinery such as office equipment, medical machines and industrial robots, we supply 15 of 4.7625 mm (3/16 inch) pitch as well as 15H1 as being a high-power version of 15. These high precision chains are manufactured under severe top quality handle particularly needed for compact sizes, taking dress in resistance also into account.
Collection of chain
Refer to your “Low-speed selection”. However, the chain operation velocity can be set substantially substantial according to the type of lubrication as shown in the table beneath.
Connecting hyperlinks and offset back links
R connecting links are applied for smaller pitch chains. On the other hand, considering the fact that their power is reduce than that with the base chain, and because the clip is more likely to come off in high velocity operation, the usage of connecting back links isn’t advisable. Use a loop chain without the need of attaching connecting back links.
Offset backlinks are available for chains apart from 15 and 15H1, but their use just isn’t advised to the exact same reason as stated for the R Connecting back links.
Operating speed and sort of lubrication
15: A higher precision mini-pitch bushing chain which is smaller than a compact drive chain for standard applications, 25
25: Smallest bushing chain among ANSI conventional chains employing curl bushings.
35: A ANSI regular bushing chain appropriate for smaller precision machines that need higher power.