Rubber China in Ryazan Russian Federation hydax gear coupling Printing in Maiduguri Nigeria teflon gear coupling manufacturer Blanket Calender for Print Application Production Line with top quality lowest price

Rubber  China  in   Ryazan Russian Federation   hydax gear coupling Printing  in   Maiduguri Nigeria   teflon gear coupling  manufacturer  Blanket Calender for Print Application Production Line with top quality lowest price

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I. Application:

Rubber Printing Blanket Calender For Print Application Production Line

II. Model No.:


III. Machine Structure:

4.1 Roller and bearing set
4.2 Roller temperature adjustment device
4.3 Base and rack
4.4 Roll gap adjustment device
4.5 Bubber plate device
4.6 Transmission mechanism
4.7 Axis cross preloading device
4.8 Lubrication device
4.9 Control Group

IV. Technical Parameter: (According To Customer’s Requirement.)

Parameter  \  Model XY-3F610X1830
Roller diameter (MM) 610
Roller length (MM) 1830
Structure F Type
Max. Width of rubber sheet (MM) 1600
Min.&Max. Thickness of sheet (MM) 0.15-8
Thickness Precision (mm) +/-0.02
Roller speed (m/min) 34.22
Roll speed ratio 0.5-1.5 Adjustable
Main motor power (KW) 6P-75KWx3=225KW  With Speed Controller

V. Features / Highlights:

5.1 Roller and bearing set
5.1.1 Roller structure: 1#2# peripheral drilling roller, 3# medium hole roller. 3
5.1.2 Material: alloy chilled cast iron (LTG-H), after tempering treatment, precision grinding.
5.1.3 Roller white mouth depth: 10 ~ 25 mm
5.1.4 Roller working surface hardness: HS: 68 ~ 75
5.1.5 Roller journal hardness: HS: 35~48
5.1.6 Bearings are made of bearings with tapered bore double row spherical roller bearings.
Bearing type HM265049TD-HM265571, 6 groups
5.1.7 The bearing housing is made of cast iron (HT250) and processed after tempering. Excellent strength and precision with lubrication holes. 6 groups
5.1.8 The bearing seat cover is made of aluminum with a labyrinth ring oil seal, and there is no oil leakage inside or outside. 6 groups
5.2 Roller temperature adjustment device
 5.2.1 Roller temperature adjustment device form: Closed roller temperature adjustment device is adopted.
5.2.2 Roller heating and cooling inlet and outlet water are connected by a rotary joint. 3 groups
5.3 base and rack
5.3.1 Base: It is made of H-beam and high-quality carbon steel plate. It is processed after annealing and has good rigidity and vibration resistance. Use a split form. Group 1
5.3.2 Rack: It is made of high-quality carbon steel plate. After annealing, the precision milling machine is fully processed. The boring machine is processed, with EPT rigidity and no deformation. The sliding surface is smooth, smooth and wear-resistant. 2 teams
5.4 Roll gap adjustment device
5.4.1 Adjustment range: 0~40mm
5.4.2 consists of nut, screw, worm gear, worm, dial, motor, reducer, etc.
5.4.3 Distance modulation method: electric
5.4.4 Distance motor model: BLD3#-87-16/4
        Power: 0.37KW/1.5KW
5.4.4 It is set on NO.1 and 3 rolls, adopts AC two-speed motor through cycloidal pin wheel – worm gear combination reducer, alloy steel precision screw screw drive. A special structure of axial gapless articulation is used between the screw and the bearing housing.
a. Roller adjustment range: (0~40) mm, the current roll distance is measured by the roll distance displacement measuring instrument in real time, and is marked with a small roller pitch setting;
b. Roll speed adjustment speed: slow speed: 0.756mm/min, fast: 3.276mm/min;
5.5 Rubber plate device
5.5.1 The main body is made of cast iron (HT250) and processed by tempering. The baffle plate is made of MC nylon.
5.5.2 Set a set of rubber plate adjustment mechanism between NO.1 and 2 rolls. The axial distance of the rubber plate is mechanically driven by AC motor, and the rubber plate (scraping board) is driven by cylinder.
a. The axial adjustment range of the rubber plate: (800 ~ 1600) mm, the limit position switch is provided in both directions;
b. The axial movement speed of the rubber sheet: 235mm/min;
5.6 Transmission mechanism
5.6.1 Main motor: 1#2#3# Roller frequency conversion motor 6P-75Kw (inverter control) 3 sets
5.6.2 Reduction gearbox: noise ≤78dB, safety factor: SA≥2 times. Single-input, single-outlet, closed oil-immersed welded square box hardened gear reducer.
1#2#3#Roll: ZSYF400-56 3 sets of 5.6.3 reducer gearbox and motor coupling: elastic sleeve pin coupling 3 sets
5.6.4 Reduction Gearbox and Roller Coupling: Universal Couplings 3 Groups
5.7 Axis cross preload adjustment mechanism:
It is set on the NO.1 roller and adopts AC electromechanical transmission and hydraulic reverse locking structure.
The AC machine passes the cycloidal pin wheel-worm gear combination reducer and the alloy steel precision screw screw pair drive.
a. Cross adjustment range: (0±25)mm, the current axis intersection amount is measured by the axis axis cross displacement measurement in real time, and is marked with “0” cross section setting;
b. Axis cross adjustment speed: 5mm/min;
c. Preloading device
Function: The hydraulic cylinder is used to overcome the intermediate thickness phenomenon in the production by the principle of leverage. The pressure value can be adjusted according to the hardness of the product.
610 calender hydraulic station, motor power 3KW, low noise vane pump, the main hydraulic valve parts are oil research brand, the system maximum pressure 8MPa, the system contains a set of shaft crossover, a set of preload, the two sets of valves can be separately regulated The system maintains pressure and voltage regulation through the accumulator, which makes the pressure output more stable.
5.8 Emergency stop device
5.8.1 Brake type: Resistance braking unit.
5.8.2 Braking ability: After parking, the roller slides ≤ 1/4 circumference.
5.8.3 Emergency stop button installation position: Install the mushroom emergency stop button on the left and right sides of the rack.
5.9 Lubrication device
5.9.1 Bearing lubrication: This system contains a fuel tank, including flow adjustment, oil temperature gauge, cooler, filter, etc., to control the flow and reduce the temperature of the lubricant and ensure that the lubricant is clean.
5.9.2 Motor: YS-7124-370W AC motor, speed 1400rpm.
5.9.3 Thin oil lubrication pipeline.
5.10 Calender attachments (in addition to the above, with the following attachments):
a set of manual disc cutting edge cutters;
b. One set of rubber bending rolls; two sets of guiding rolls;
5. 11 EPT control group:
5.11.1 Three rollers, operated in proportion, the line speed of each roller is detected by photo EPT encoder and digital display in real time; the ratio is adjusted: (1:1-1:1.5). Each roller speed is regulated by the inverter and the manual knob is used to adjust the speed.
5.11.2 The driving motor adopts AC variable frequency speed regulating motor (5~50) HZ, and the frequency converter adopts Chinese famous brand;
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VI. Machine Pictures:


                                                                                       PROFESSIONAL AND RELIABLE.

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Rubber  China  in   Ryazan Russian Federation   hydax gear coupling Printing  in   Maiduguri Nigeria   teflon gear coupling  manufacturer  Blanket Calender for Print Application Production Line with top quality lowest price


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