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Couplings are designed to absorb shock loadings, accommodate drive misalignment and allow separation of the drive line for maintenance. Shaft couplings range from highly resilient to rigid and are all precision manufactured using high quality cast iron or steel, and the latest polymer and composite technology.

Tyre Couplings

Tyre Couplings are highly elastic, lubrication free couplings that tolerate large amounts of misalignment in all planes as well as offering simple installation and inspection without disrupting the drive. The Fenaflex™ coupling also has excellent shock absorbing properties while reducing vibration and torsional oscillations.

  • Simple time saving installation – motor and machine remains undisturbed whilst tyre is changed
  • Large misalignment capability, 4° angular, up to 6mm parallel and 8mm axial
  • Internal load carrying cords are wound in both directions, so there is no problem on reversing drives
  • Tyres are available in standard and FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static) construction. ATEX approved.
  • Simple visual inspection to aid maintenance
  • Taper Lock® and pilot bore flanges
  • Lubrication free
  • Pump spacer and flywheel fixing variants available

HRC Couplings

Permitting quick and easy installation by means of Taper Lock bushes, and offering quick alignment, the semi-elastic general purpose HRC coupling is ideal for use with electric motors.

  • Offers the simplest, most straightforward fitting available
  • Ease of alignment and fitting using straight edge and machined outside diameters
  • Fail-safe design due to interacting dog design
  • Accommodates incidental misalignment
  • Exceptional performance at low cost
  • Power ratings are matched to standard motor sizes
  • Standard and FRAS elements available
  • Flywheel fixing variant available
  • Pilot bore design also available

Rigid Couplings

Taper Lock rigid couplings provide a convenient method of rigidly connecting the ends of shafts. Taper Lock bushes permit easier and quicker fixing to the shafts with the firmness of a shrunk-on-fit.

  • Taper Lock® fixing as standard
  • Peripheral speeds of up to 33m/s available
  • 8 sizes in the range
  • Vertical assemblies possible in FF design

Jaw Coupling

Absorbing incidental misalignment, shock loads and small amplitude vibrations, Jaw couplings offer a low cost flexible solution for most applications.

  • Ease of alignment
  • Fail-safe shaft connection
  • Range of element materials available including nitrile, urethane and Hytrel
  • Pump spacer variant available
  • Quick-fit wrap around element available
  • Design powers up to 42.2kW available at 1440rpm

China High Quality 3/4″ Set Screw Type Zinc Die Cast EMT Conduit Connector/ Coupling UL Standard a fluid coupling

Item Description Substantial quality 3/4" Set screw sort zinc die forged EMT conduit connector/ coupling  UL standard Description:Emt connectorElectrical Set Screw Spherical zinc tube Connector,spherical aluminum tube connector,EMT Electrical Conduit Fittings,Set...

China 8″ Stainless Steel Type Cha No Hub Coupling, 12PCS coupling energy

Item Description Type CHA couplingW4W2Size carton measurement mmitem numberproduct varietymminchpcs/cartonGS04D50GS04B50DN502"a hundredforty six*33*33*GS04D75GS04B75DN75three"a...

China Fire Hose Coupling, Fire Hose with Storz Coupling breakaway coupling

Item Description Aluminum Japanese Swift Hook up Fireplace Hydrant Hose Coupling Specification:KDK variety hose interface is a kind of interface frequently utilised in fireplace combating perform, which is mainly employed for the link between hose for a extended time....

China HRC Coupling with Rubber Insert HRC70 HRC90 HRC110 HRC130 HRC150 HRC180 HRC230 HRC280 coupling cdl

Item Description Solution DescriptionCOUPLINGSHRCFCLChain couplingGELNMMHTorque limiterHRC 70BFCL90KC4012GE14L050NM50MH45TL250-2HRC 70FFCL100KC4014GE19L070NM67MH55TL250-oneHRC 70HFCL112KC4016GE24L075NM82MH65TL350-2HRC 90BFCL125KC5014GE28L090NM97MH80TL350-oneHRC...

China Shenzhen Customized CNC Machining Metal Aluminum Steel Automotive/Aumobile/Motorcycle/Ship/Boat/Machines Parts Argricultural Machinery Shaft Coupling brass coupling

Product Description HangZhou Tailored CNC machining steel aluminum metal automotive/aumobile/motorbike/ship/boat/devices components argricultural machinery shaft coupling Click listed here and specify your inquiry, get in touch with us to get an online quote now!How...

China Coupling for Post Tension Bar of 32mm, Railway Construction coupling contractions

Solution Description Prestressing screw bars are rolled externally threaded in huge diameter, large energy, high dimensional precision of straight bars. The bars can be linked at any cross area however coupling or screwed anchored.Prestressing screw bars are commonly...

China Tyre Spacer Coupling for Compressor coupling and cohesion

Merchandise Description SM spacer coupling,1. The coupling provied a handy technique of rigidly connecting ends of shafts and match with taper bush.2. They have a male and feminine flange, the male flange can have the bush fitted from the hub facet H or fromthe Flange...

China ISO2531 Pn16 Ductile Cast Iron Di Restrained Coupling for HDPE Pipe cast of coupling

Item Description ISO2531 PN16 ductile solid iron DI restrained coupling for HDPE pipeItem DescriptionHuman bodyductile iron GJS450-10Glandductile iron GJS450-ten with brass ringGasketEPDM/SBRBoltCarbon stee galv. grade 8.8,stainless steel or carbron metalCoatingFusion...

China 1 Inch to 8 Inch Aluminum Storz Fire Hose Coupling coupling energy

Merchandise Description Fireplace hose couplings Attributes:1) Nominal diameter: 50mm2) Coupling  Working force: .8-1.6MPa3) Relevant media: drinking water, foamKind: German / American / Russian / BS Fire Coupling...

China Quality Pipe Fittings 24211 Orfs Female Flat Seat Hose Quick Connector Couplings excitation contraction coupling

Solution Description 24211 ORFS Feminine FLAT SEAT ISO 12151-one Item Description: Type(DN)HOSE BORE(Dash)(C)E(E)(S)24211-06-04T1/16" X16six4ten2224211-08-06Tthirteen/16" X16tensix112724211-12-08T1.3 / 16" X1212eightfifteen3624211-12-06T1.3 / sixteen"...

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